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{July 14, 2015}   Getting it together…

I was about to title this “Trying to get it together” but Yoda’s voice came to mind saying:

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

do or do not

The StarWars.com 10: Best Yoda Quotes says: Outside of the film, the line has become a modern slogan — a reminder to commit oneself to something completely, win or lose.


Count the age, not the wrinkles you have. Count the blessings and wonderful experiences you’ve had, not the mistakes you’ve made. Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come.  Unknown quote   

Isaiah 43:18

“Forget the former things;    

do not dwell on the past.

The past made me who I am, but unless it is necessary to the story, I am not going to recite it here.  Every time I’ve started to write, I started with the past.  That’s where I go wrong.  Today, I am going to start with the present.

There are enough worries today to try to carry yesterday’s or pick up tomorrow’s early.

There are several areas I need to work on – but when I start adding them all up – I get overwhelmed and just sit down and do nothing.

Today, I am dealing with childish co-workers.  The one I have the most issues with I will nickname “Kiddie cart.”  The second is “Daisy Duke.”  So if I need to say something about either one of these – it will be Kiddie and Daisy.

The message at church this week was about the way we think and talk about other people more than we do the gospel.  I will agree to that 100%.  I will start praying that I will stop being so focused on what others are doing around me.

Maybe that is what I need to make as my first area on which to work.  What does it look like when you are not focused on what the others are doing/saying around you but you are not removed from the world?  How can you be in a community but not be “of” the community?  Is that what I need to do?  Something like that.  I will have to tweak it as I go.

So, Kiddie and I are similar in job titles….I have more tenure than she.  There has been much tension in the department between Kiddie and me.  We have had discussions in our manager’s office over the fact that she has been very disrespectful in the way she treats me.  Under my desk, I have a box of office items which I packed a few months ago when I had had enough of her attitude.  I wanted to feel like I was ready if I decided to find a position with another company.  I have been with my present employer for ten years.

Even though our offices are only a few doors away, we rarely pass each other coming and going and I will admit, if someone doesn’t say hi first I don’t always greet them.

This morning, however, we passed within a few feet of each other and I said “Good Morning.”  She had been walking with her head down so as not to look me in the eye and walked straight into her office.  As I was passing her office door she replied “Oh, were you talking to me? Good morning.”

I thought “who are you, Robert DeNiro?”    It was a very childish response.

If you can read between the lines, one of my major problems is I read too much into everything.  My biggest asset is I am an analyst.  It is also my biggest curse.  I am good at what I do – but I read people’s emotions, body language, facial expressions, and it always comes out to my disadvantage.

I want to quit being so “me” focused.  It’s not always about me and even if it is, it doesn’t have to be.

Does that make sense?  Even if I was correct, in that Kiddie was being childish towards me, I don’t have to take it that way or let it affect me.  Let Kiddie be childish, but don’t let it put me in a bad mood.

Daisy has been having problems at home.  She has been stirring up trouble for the past 6 months.  She and Kiddie talk behind closed doors all the time.  Or they are in each other’s offices.  I know Daisy has created some of the tension between me and Kiddie.  However, I must forgive her and let it go.


I want to accept that God loves me as I am.  That God still has a good plan for my life.  That God has not withheld anything from me.  That God loves me in spite of what I’ve done or continue to do.  That God will bless me when I start putting Him first in my life.  That there is a place of blessing to come.  That I’ve not messed up any plan God had for me.  That in spite of my mistakes, God knew I was going to make them and has not changed His plan.  That I don’t have a crappy life because I’m a loser (that’s a good one, huh?)  I want to believe that I am loved as much as He loves Jesus.  That I am loved with an everlasting love.

Once I start taking these things to heart, my life will be coming together.  I choose joy in spite of who I am today; in spite of my circumstances; in spite of my age; in spite of my past failures.

Today’s daily Bible verse (07/14/2015) from “The Daily Bible Verse” http://www.thedailybibleverse.org/

For in him you have been enriched in every way—with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge— God thus confirming our testimony about Christ among you. Therefore you do not lack any spiritual gift as you eagerly wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed.

– 1 Corinthians 1:5-7 (NIV)

Today’s commentary by Dave Whitehead, Senior Pastor, GraceNYC.org, Author of Making Sense of the Bible The apostle Paul is telling the Corinthians that God has given them everything that they need if they are in Christ. The new creation in Christ Jesus is enriched in every way—there is no lack of ability for the believer. But we are bombarded with the dialogue of our old ways. We constantly see our past, our inabilities. This is why it is so important to renew our minds and put on the new self, made in the likeness of Christ, and put away the old self, for God Himself will work through us as we adjust our lives to the promises that He gives us in His word.

Does this not speak perfectly into what I am currently going through?  And the “verse of the day” on BibleGateway.com for today is:

If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love.

John 15:10 NIV

The other issue getting in my way is pride.  Who wants to admit they’ve been unfriendly and try to attempt to change their ways.  People are just going to know you are being different than before and judge you for it  #amiright?

At the end of all this I’ve got two points on which to focus:  renew mind & keep commands.  Did you read the above commentary?  Dave Whitehead writes:  “The new creation in Christ Jesus is enriched in every way – there is no lack of ability for the believer. But we are bombarded with the dialogue of our old ways. We constantly see our past, our inabilities.  This is why it is so important to renew our minds and put on the new self, made in the likeness of Christ, and put away the old self: FOR GOD HIMSELF WILL WORK THROUGH US AS WE ADJUST OUR LIVES TO THE PROMISES THAT HE GIVES US IN HIS WORD.”

How interesting that when I decide to lean into Him, he is already leaning into me.  #prodigalgod


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